Electronics Science Technology and Application

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2015: Volume 2 A Discussion of the Communication Technologies in Smart Grid Abstract   PDF
Biao Wang
2018: Volume 5 , No 1 A Review on Multi-Agent Technology in Micro-Grid Control Abstract   PDF
Ming Ding, Xiaoqi Yin
2016: Volume 3 Algorithm Study on Improving Application Efficiency of Independent Solar Power Supply System Abstract   PDF
Jigang Cao
2017: Volume 4 , No 2 An Evaluation of Indicators of Railway Intelligent Transportation Systems using the Group Analytic Hierarchy Process Abstract   PDF
Evelin Krmac, Boban Djordjević
2017: Volume 4 , No 1 An quantificational method for 51 pesticide residues determination in Pu'er tea by LC-MS/MS Abstract   PDF
Xudong Wu, Zeyu Chen, Jiankang Zhang, Hongping Man, Tao Che, Sheng Lv, Jingchun Mao
2015: Volume 2 Analysis of Power Electronics Technology and Reactive Compensation Technology of Power System Abstract   PDF
Zengxiang Yang, Kaipu Yuan
2015: Volume 2 Analysis on Development and Application of Power Electric Device and Variable Frequency Technology Abstract   PDF
Hongyin Bao
2015: Volume 2 Analysis on E-Ticket Image Recognition Technology Based on Mobile QR Code Abstract   PDF
Xiao Han
2017: Volume 4 , No 1 Analysis on Safety Measures of Substation Maintenance Abstract   PDF
Jiwen Wang, Haifeng Zhang, Yiguang Fang, Zhike Wen, Guiwei Shao, Dayong Guo
2015: Volume 2 Analysis on Semiconductor Thermoelectric Cooler Temperature Control System Based on MCU Abstract   PDF
Juan Zhua, Jianping Huang
2014: Volume 1 Application and Development of Sensors in Mechatronic Systems Abstract   PDF
ChengPu Luo
2018: Volume 5 , No 2 Application and Realization of Plc Technology in Mechanical Electrical Control Device Abstract   PDF
ZhenGuo Liu, Deqiang Liu, Shuanglin Li, Kaijie Zhai, Ke Zhou, Zhangang Huang
2014: Volume 1 Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Reactive Power/Voltage Control of Power System Abstract   PDF
Gehao Sheng, Guangyu Tu, Yi Luo
2014: Volume 1 Application of the Microwave Technology to the Environmental Protection Abstract   PDF
Jianhong Wang, Lianhe Yan, Shenfan Zhou, Debao Liu
2015: Volume 2 Brief Discussion of Surveying Technology of Three-dimensional Digital Topographic Map Abstract   PDF
Xiao Zhang, Yan Wang, Haiyan He
2015: Volume 2 Comparison and Analysis of Electronic Voltage Transformer Based on Voltage Detection Abstract   PDF
Yanxia Wang, Xingcang Zhai
2017: Volume 4 , No 1 Conceptual modeling method of communication network in air defense combat simulation Abstract   PDF
Qian Zhan, Rui Fan
2017: Volume 4 , No 1 Determination of heavy metals in soil by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) with internal standard method Abstract   PDF
Jingchun Mao, Xinyue Liu, Bao Chen, Famei Luo, Xudong Wu, Donghua Jiang, Zhenggang Luo
2018: Volume 5 , No 1 Determination of Optimum Zn content in Cd1-xZnxS Nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
2015: Volume 2 Digital Filtering Technology in Industrial Measuring and Control System Abstract   PDF
Aiyong Chen
Online First Effect of Sensor Location of Smart Composite Plate System on Feedback Control Performance Abstract   PDF
Ermira Junita Abdullah, P. S. Gaikwad, D. L. Abdul Majid, A. S. Mohd Rafie
2018: Volume 5 , No 1 Efficiency Estimation of Infrared Heating Systems for Mounting Electronics Modules Abstract   PDF
Vladimir Leonid Lanin
2018: Volume 5 , No 1 Enhancing photoresponse by synergy of electric double layer gate and illumination in single CuTCNQ NW field effect transistors Abstract   PDF
Rabaya Basori
2017: Volume 4 , No 2 Ergonomic Transducer Design for Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography Abstract   PDF
Bala Maruthi Thanabalan, Samson Mil'shtein
2017: Volume 4 , No 1 Group Consensus of Heterogenous Continuous-time Multi-agent Systems Abstract   PDF
Yanxin Zhang
2016: Volume 3 High Precision Vehicle Location Technologies Based on Traffic Lights Abstract   PDF
Yan Cao, Tao Lei
2016: Volume 3 High Speed Train Rescheduling Based on an Improved Triangle Differential Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Wenjing Deng
2018: Volume 5 , No 2 Intelligent Technology Analysis in Electronic Engineering Automation Control Abstract   PDF
Yubing Yang, Shouyuan Sun, Xingchang Xie, Peng Song
2016: Volume 3 Network Key Equipment Design Adapted to Underground Pipe Rack and Urban Energy Metering Abstract   PDF
Haodong Zhang, Zhiqiang He, Xiaohong Rao
2017: Volume 4 , No 1 Neural Network Energy Management Strategy for Series Hybrid Electric Car Abstract   PDF
Qi Song, Lingfeng Hu, Chenghong Li, Guanzheng Wen
Online First Non-Graded Base Si/Ge Heterojunction Transistor Abstract   PDF
Sam Mil'shtein, Harsha Purushothama Dombala, Oliver A Kia, Mukhammaddin Zinaddinov
2018: Volume 5 , No 1 On the Reconstruction Capability of the Linear Sampling Method Abstract   PDF
Morteza Ghaderi Aram
2015: Volume 2 Prospect Analysis of High Frequency Inverter Used in ESP Abstract   PDF
Bangzhong Han
2016: Volume 3 Realization of the Based on WAP Push SMS Gateway Abstract   PDF
Zhongling Gong, Wenjie Xu
2017: Volume 4 , No 1 Research on Boost Soft-switching Converter Abstract   PDF
Yingjie Xiong
2016: Volume 3 Research on Control Technology of Concentrated Coal Mine Rail Transport Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Guodong Song, Xiaohui Yang, Jianfeng Gao, Wenzhen Wu
2016: Volume 3 Research on Information Security in Cloud Computing Environment Abstract   PDF
Quanhui Ren, Hui Gao
2017: Volume 4 , No 1 Research on Integrated Planning of Equipment Support Simulation Training System Abstract   PDF
Qian Zhan, Yanqi Bai, Rui Fan
2017: Volume 4 , No 1 Research on Intelligent Vehicle Control System Based on WIFI Network Abstract   PDF
Guang Yang
2018: Volume 5 , No 2 Research on Technical Points of Installation and Construction of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Abstract   PDF
Ze Li, Li Wang, Subin Li, Xinjing Zhang, Guosen Zhou
2017: Volume 4 , No 1 Research on the Security Authentication Mode of MF1 S50 Electronic Tag Abstract   PDF
Zhiliang Xiao
2015: Volume 2 Semiconductor Magnetoresistive Current Sensor for Weak Current Detection Abstract   PDF
Qi Zhou
2016: Volume 3 Smart Mobile Phone Groups - Based Design and Implementation of Vehicle Accident Self-rescue System Abstract   PDF
Long Zhao, Jianwei You, Nianmin Yao
2014: Volume 1 Study on Development and Application of Microwave Technology Abstract   PDF
Fengkun Sun, Zebing Xing
2018: Volume 5 , No 2 The Application and Analysis of Mechatronics System in Mechanical Engineering Abstract   PDF
Lei Li, Songsheng Xun, Junjie Zeng, Yiming Wang, Zhongping Zhang
2018: Volume 5 , No 2 Thinking on the technology of Electronic Engineering Automation Abstract   PDF
Weijuan Dun, Guangwei Jia, Wei Yan, Wei Li, Xun Yang
2018: Volume 5 , No 3 Understanding the mHealth implementation and adoption impact: a FVM perspective Abstract   PDF
Nilmini Wickramasinghe
2014: Volume 1 Video Frequency Current Media Technology and Its Applications in Colleges and Universities Abstract   PDF
Cunping Liu
2016: Volume 3 Wireless Smart Node and Private Cloud Based Environmental Noise Monitoring System Abstract   PDF
Hao Song
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