Electronics Science Technology and Application

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2015: Volume 2 A Discussion of the Communication Technologies in Smart Grid Abstract   PDF
Biao Wang
2018: Volume 5 , No 1 A Review on Multi-Agent Technology in Micro-Grid Control Abstract   PDF
Ming Ding, Xiaoqi Yin
2016: Volume 3 Algorithm Study on Improving Application Efficiency of Independent Solar Power Supply System Abstract   PDF
Jigang Cao
2017: Volume 4 , No 2 An Evaluation of Indicators of Railway Intelligent Transportation Systems using the Group Analytic Hierarchy Process Abstract   PDF
Evelin Krmac, Boban Djordjević
2017: Volume 4 An quantificational method for 51 pesticide residues determination in Pu'er tea by LC-MS/MS Abstract   PDF
Xudong Wu, Zeyu Chen, Jiankang Zhang, Hongping Man, Tao Che, Sheng Lv, Jingchun Mao
2015: Volume 2 Analysis of Power Electronics Technology and Reactive Compensation Technology of Power System Abstract   PDF
Zengxiang Yang, Kaipu Yuan
2015: Volume 2 Analysis on Development and Application of Power Electric Device and Variable Frequency Technology Abstract   PDF
Hongyin Bao
2015: Volume 2 Analysis on E-Ticket Image Recognition Technology Based on Mobile QR Code Abstract   PDF
Xiao Han
2017: Volume 4 Analysis on Safety Measures of Substation Maintenance Abstract   PDF
Jiwen Wang, Haifeng Zhang, Yiguang Fang, Zhike Wen, Guiwei Shao, Dayong Guo
2015: Volume 2 Analysis on Semiconductor Thermoelectric Cooler Temperature Control System Based on MCU Abstract   PDF
Juan Zhua, Jianping Huang
2014: Volume 1 Application and Development of Sensors in Mechatronic Systems Abstract   PDF
ChengPu Luo
2014: Volume 1 Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Reactive Power/Voltage Control of Power System Abstract   PDF
Gehao Sheng, Guangyu Tu, Yi Luo
2014: Volume 1 Application of the Microwave Technology to the Environmental Protection Abstract   PDF
Jianhong Wang, Lianhe Yan, Shenfan Zhou, Debao Liu
2015: Volume 2 Brief Discussion of Surveying Technology of Three-dimensional Digital Topographic Map Abstract   PDF
Xiao Zhang, Yan Wang, Haiyan He
2015: Volume 2 Comparison and Analysis of Electronic Voltage Transformer Based on Voltage Detection Abstract   PDF
Yanxia Wang, Xingcang Zhai
2017: Volume 4 Conceptual modeling method of communication network in air defense combat simulation Abstract   PDF
Qian Zhan, Rui Fan
2017: Volume 4 Determination of heavy metals in soil by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) with internal standard method Abstract   PDF
Jingchun Mao, Xinyue Liu, Bao Chen, Famei Luo, Xudong Wu, Donghua Jiang, Zhenggang Luo
2018: Volume 5 , No 1 Determination of Optimum Zn content in Cd1-xZnxS Nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
2015: Volume 2 Digital Filtering Technology in Industrial Measuring and Control System Abstract   PDF
Aiyong Chen
Vladimir Leonid Lanin
2018: Volume 5 , No 1 Enhancing photoresponse by synergy of electric double layer gate and illumination in single CuTCNQ NW field effect transistors Abstract   PDF
Rabaya Basori
2017: Volume 4 , No 2 Ergonomic Transducer Design for Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography Abstract   PDF
Bala Maruthi Thanabalan, Samson Mil'shtein
2017: Volume 4 Group Consensus of Heterogenous Continuous-time Multi-agent Systems Abstract   PDF
Yanxin Zhang
2016: Volume 3 High Precision Vehicle Location Technologies Based on Traffic Lights Abstract   PDF
Yan Cao, Tao Lei
2016: Volume 3 High Speed Train Rescheduling Based on an Improved Triangle Differential Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Wenjing Deng
2016: Volume 3 Network Key Equipment Design Adapted to Underground Pipe Rack and Urban Energy Metering Abstract   PDF
Haodong Zhang, Zhiqiang He, Xiaohong Rao
2017: Volume 4 Neural Network Energy Management Strategy for Series Hybrid Electric Car Abstract   PDF
Qi Song, Lingfeng Hu, Chenghong Li, Guanzheng Wen
2018: Volume 5 , No 1 On the Reconstruction Capability of the Linear Sampling Method Abstract   PDF
Morteza Ghaderi Aram
2015: Volume 2 Prospect Analysis of High Frequency Inverter Used in ESP Abstract   PDF
Bangzhong Han
2016: Volume 3 Realization of the Based on WAP Push SMS Gateway Abstract   PDF
Zhongling Gong, Wenjie Xu
2017: Volume 4 Research on Boost Soft-switching Converter Abstract   PDF
Yingjie Xiong
2016: Volume 3 Research on Control Technology of Concentrated Coal Mine Rail Transport Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Guodong Song, Xiaohui Yang, Jianfeng Gao, Wenzhen Wu
2016: Volume 3 Research on Information Security in Cloud Computing Environment Abstract   PDF
Quanhui Ren, Hui Gao
2017: Volume 4 Research on Integrated Planning of Equipment Support Simulation Training System Abstract   PDF
Qian Zhan, Yanqi Bai, Rui Fan
2017: Volume 4 Research on Intelligent Vehicle Control System Based on WIFI Network Abstract   PDF
Guang Yang
2017: Volume 4 Research on the Security Authentication Mode of MF1 S50 Electronic Tag Abstract   PDF
Zhiliang Xiao
2015: Volume 2 Semiconductor Magnetoresistive Current Sensor for Weak Current Detection Abstract   PDF
Qi Zhou
2016: Volume 3 Smart Mobile Phone Groups - Based Design and Implementation of Vehicle Accident Self-rescue System Abstract   PDF
Long Zhao, Jianwei You, Nianmin Yao
2014: Volume 1 Study on Development and Application of Microwave Technology Abstract   PDF
Fengkun Sun, Zebing Xing
2014: Volume 1 Video Frequency Current Media Technology and Its Applications in Colleges and Universities Abstract   PDF
Cunping Liu
2016: Volume 3 Wireless Smart Node and Private Cloud Based Environmental Noise Monitoring System Abstract   PDF
Hao Song
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