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Electronics Science Technology and Application will be transferring from Universe Scientific Publishing Pte. Ltd to ARTS AND SEIENCE PRESS PTE. LTD. ARTS AND SEIENCE PRESS will publish the new papers from issue 12024.

Posted: 2024-03-25

Journal Notice: Big data management decision-making and information resource management

Special issue: Soliciting contributions

Digital government and public big data

Prof.XiaoSong Wu

Doctor of management

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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Electronics Science Technology and Application

Electronics Science Technology and Application Is a peer reviewed , international scientific journal devoted to basic and applied sciences research and engineering with respect to corrections, which publish the most complete and dependable source of information on the predictions and the present developments in the type of research like; original research papers, review papers, short reports or letters, case studies, methodologies or methods and Perspective papers.

The Lead Guest Editor

Dr. Mohammed S. Rasheed

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Journal Notice: Electronics Science Technology and Application invites manuscript submissions in the area of: Recent Advances in 5G Technology

5G technology is crucial for building a modern communication society. This is a society in which a citizen uses real-time interactive e-government services and advanced e-health diagnostics surrounded by Internet of Things, Wireless Cellular Network, services or participates in mass cultural events through high-quality digital media. 

The Lead Guest Editor

Mr. Tasher Ali Sheikh

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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Electronics Science Technology and Application

Electronic devices and autonomous systems are widely used with their high capabilities contributing to human life. Recent studies are also benefiting from the advances in neuroscience and creation of brain controlled devices are valuable in terms of brain mapping studies and mental disorder diagnosis and treatment process. 

The Lead Guest Editor:

Türker Tekin Ergüzel

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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Electronics Science Technology and Application

Semiconductor nanomaterials have unique properties that these properties can change with their morphology and size, so the nano-sized materials have attracted much attention and the various methods have developed for the synthesis of them. This special issue aims at creating a forum of discussion on recent advances in synthesis of semiconductor nanostructures. This issue accepts high quality articles containing original research results. The aim of this issue is to report synthesis of new materials with special applications. 

The Lead Guest Editor

Azam Sobhani

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Journal’s announcement:

To further expand the readership and accelerate the development of this journal, the publisher’s committees decided to jointly organize a Chinese version

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Research Advancements: Smallest transistor switches current with a single atom in solid electrolyte

At Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), physicist Professor Thomas Schimmel and his team have developed a single-atom transistor, the world's smallest. This quantum electronics component switches electrical current by controlled repositioning of a single atom, now also in the solid state in a gel electrolyte. The single-atom transistor works at room temperature and consumes very little energy, which opens up entirely new perspectives for information technology. The transistor is presented in Advanced Materials.

Digitization results in a high energy consumption. In industrialized countries, information technology presently has a share of more than 10% in total power consumption. The transistor is the central element of digital data processing in computing centers, PCs, smartphones, or in embedded systems for many applications from the washing machine to the airplane. A commercially available low-cost USB memory stick already contains several billion ……

Posted: 2018-09-12

Research Advancements: Researchers 3D print prototype for 'bionic eye'

A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota have, for the first time, fully 3D printed an array of light receptors on a hemispherical surface. This discovery marks a significant step toward creating a "bionic eye" that could someday help blind people see or sighted people see better.

The research is published today in Advanced Materials, a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering materials science. The author also holds the patent for 3D-printed semiconducting devices.

"Bionic eyes are usually thought of as science fiction, but now we are closer than ever using a multimaterial 3D printer," said Michael McAlpine, a co-author of the study and University of Minnesota Benjamin Mayhugh Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Posted: 2018-09-12

Research Advancements: Breakthrough opens door to smartphone-powered $100 ultrasound machine

Engineers at the University of British Columbia have developed a new ultrasound transducer, or probe, that could dramatically lower the cost of ultrasound scanners to as little as $100. Their patent-pending innovation -- no bigger than a Band-Aid -- is portable, wearable and can be powered by a smartphone.

Conventional ultrasound scanners use piezoelectric crystals to create images of the inside of the body and send them to a computer to create sonograms. Researchers replaced the piezoelectric crystals with tiny vibrating drums made of polymer resin, called polyCMUTs (polymer capacitive micro-machined ultrasound transducers), which are cheaper to manufacture.

Posted: 2018-09-01
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