Research on the cultivation and strategy of innovative high skilled talents in Higher Vocational Colleges

Ruifang Zhao, Kaifu Chen, Wenjuan Yang


at this stage, China’s economic structure is in an important period of strategic transformation, and the development of higher
vocational colleges has also ushered in an important period of opportunity. With the development of social economy, higher vocational
colleges are more competitive in talent orientation, professional construction, and the establishment of innovative teacher teams. The fi rst
is that the requirements of social and economic development for highly skilled and innovative talents are increasing. The second is that
higher vocational colleges themselves are also facing great challenges of adjustment. How to face these challenges, improve the level and
quality of talent training, and achieve sustainable development is an arduous task. We must vigorously reform vocational education, focus
on cultivating innovative high skilled talents, and meet the needs of economic development for the transformation and upgrading of higher
vocational education.


innovative talents; Quality assurance; Innovation team

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