Simple Detector Of Pulse Wave Beats

Cui Zhang, Xiao Li


Various methods for detecting the fiducial points of the pulse wave signals are discussed. A new simple detector of the
fi ducial points based on the application of the fi rst derivative operator, set of nonlinear transformations and adaptive threshold is described.
The effi ciency of various detectors of the beat points of pulse wave signal in the presence of interferences of various origins and intensities
was estimated. It is demonstrated that the suggested detector provides the minimum level of uncertainty in the determining time position
of pulse wave beats.One of the possible ways to investigate the eff ectiveness of detecting pulse wave beats is to model these processes for
the studied biosignal and the contaminated factors. The mathematical model of pulse wave signal with presented noise caused by motion
artifacts and baseline wander is assumed to be additive.Thus, among the considered detectors of pulse wave beats in this work, the proposed
amplitude–time detector based on fi rst derivative, set of nonlinear operators and adaptive threshold provides better effi ciency and accuracy
of detection.


pulse wave; fi ducial point; detection; uncertainty

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