The Hypothesis of a New Form of Light Particles——Based on Optical Quantum State Analysis

Rongquan Yang


In the current knowledge system, photons are widely regarded as microscopic particles with wave- particle duality, and their fluctuations and particle properties have been experimentally proven over the past hundred years, but new problems have also arisen. With more and more experimental and empirical evidence showing that the quantum state of light under microscopic conditions has greatly exceeded the original understanding of scientists, in the past 50 years of research on the nature of its particles, It raises new questions and challenges about its basic wave-particle duality, and hypothetically demonstrates on the basis of existing ones. By analyzing the existing experimental phenomena, this paper idealizes the performance of light under macroscopic and  quantum state hypothesis analysis at the theoretical and physical level, and establishes a new form hypothesis of light particles, that is, the movement of detected light is essentially the transfer of energy between photons.


Light Quantum; Quantum Hypothesis; Virtual Photons; Quantum Optics

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