ON Intelligent Interactive Model of Tourism Planning Multi Neuron Algorithm

Xiong Jiang, Yu Zhang


The research on establishing intelligent interactive system of tourism planning based on multi neuron neural network
model has practical signifi cance. Firstly, this paper introduces the meaning, function and characteristics of intelligent interaction in tourism
planning, and then studies the application of multi neuron algorithm. Based on this algorithm, an intelligent interaction model in tourism
planning is designed, and its function is experimentally analyzed. Finally, the experimental results show that the basic tourism cost is
controlled within 30000. According to the rationalization assumption of the mathematical model, through a reasonable combination of the
days spent in each region, in order to visit the areas of interest to tourists in fewer days. The mathematical model of tourism route planning
established in this paper can help travelers make reasonable travel plans, and can also judge whether the determined travel plans are
reasonable and the approximate budget.


Multi Neuron Algorithm, Tourism Planning, Intelligent Interaction, Interaction Model

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18686/esta.v10i2.391


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