Practice and exploration of clinical medical talent training mode in Higher Vocational Colleges under the background of new medical science

Liyuan Gao


to cultivate modern talents with solid medical theoretical foundation and good humanistic quality, and to cultivate clinical
medical talents who can “go down, stay and be used” for primary medical and health institutions. Under the new medical background,
higher vocational colleges should take the construction of a healthy China as the background, the national modernization and national
health service as the goal, based on the social background of regional health development and people’s livelihood needs, strengthen the
research on the training mode of clinical medical talents in Higher Vocational Colleges under the new medical background, and speed up the
exploration of new ideas and modes of medical talents training. On this basis, it explores the student-centered “curriculum ideological and
political” education mode; Explore the teaching management system of “curriculum classroom hospital” linkage; Objective to explore the
implementation path of “three education reform” centered on students’ development, and to provide references for the cultivation of clinical
medical talents in higher vocational colleges.


new medical science; Higher vocational colleges; Clinical medicine; personnel training

Included Database


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