Research on Water Pollution Control Based on STM32 Intelligent Vehicle

Haiyang Long, Jianqiang Zhang, Dong Wang, Mengze Ma, Yunzhe Li


In order to solve the high cost and low efficiency of different degrees of pollution control of natural water resources in China at this stage, photocatalytic water purification technology is adopted to reduce the cost of water pollution treatment and improve the treatment efficiency, and an intelligent vehicle equipped with photocatalytic materials is proposed, which is equipped with industrial cameras, communication positioning modules and sensors, and realizes dynamic planning of navigation routes by improving ant colony algorithms, computer vision recognition, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, and realizes photocatalytic fixed-point purification. Predict advanced photoelectric catalytic performance based on density functional theory and machine learning, solve the problem of BiVO4 photo corrosion and instability, and achieve efficient water purification at low cost.


Water Pollution; Intelligent Vehicles; Photocatalysis; Ant Colony Algorithm; Exhibitable Institutions

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