Study on Performance Control of Intercalated Melt-Blowout Method Based on Least Nonlinear Squares

Zihan Wang


In this paper, the performance control of intercalated melt-blown nonwoven materials has been studied in many aspects. According to the different indexes given by the title, a model has been established to analyze the change rule of structure variables and product performance of intercalated melt-blown nonwoven materials and the influence relationship of different indexes, and the model has been verified. For the research on the change law of structural variables and product performance, we first preliminarily analyzed the change law of structural variables and product performance after intercalation through data visualization, and studied the change ratio of six indicators. The primary objective of the model is to study the dependence of the intercalation rate on the six indexes. Then we study the influence of the intercalation rate on the change ratio of the three indexes, namely porosity, compression and resilience, and filtration resistance, through correlation analysis. Studies on the relationship between process parameters and structural variables, we after data processing on multiple correlation analysis of the dependent variable and the correlation coefficient between different independent variable indicators, and then by the least squares fitting receiving distance, air velocity and thickness, porosity, compression resilience, the relationship between the use of the relationship developed predict eight parameters combination structure of the variable. Finally, we use simulation data to verify the practicability of the model and the effectiveness of the algorithm, solve the problem of intercalating melt-blown nonwovens performance control, so as to improve the efficiency of the processing and weaving system, maximize the use of resources. And analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the model, explore the significance of promotion and reference.


Correlation Analysis; Least Square Fitting; Optimization Model; Multiple Objective Programming

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