An investigation into the design and development of a Python based data processing and graphical analysis platform

Pu Zhao


In the context of the wide application of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other advanced technologies, the design
and research of data processing performance and graphical analysis platform based on Python programming language has become a new di_x005frection and new goal for the innovative research and development of data analysis platform. In order to enrich the relevant research theories
and put forward new ideas and paths for the design and development of graphical analysis platforms, this paper is based on the data processing of Python, and adopts the methods of reverse analysis and subjective assessment to explore the design and development of a new type of
graphical analysis platforms with the core of the Python web crawler technology, with a view to providing a basis for the data processing and
graphical analysis platforms to quickly analyze and process the relevant data and information and designing and developing a new graphical
analysis platform with a visualization and analysis system. Provide the basis for the design and development of a new type of data processing and graphical analysis platform with visual display performance, intuitive and efficient presentation of the pattern of change and trend of
data, to provide a reference basis for related research.


Python; Data Processing; Graphical Analysis Platform; Design and Development

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