Design of Computer-Assisted Models for Preventive Medicine Perspective

Jun Luo, Yi Qin, Xue Zhang, Liangyu Li


The simulation exercise of building accidents is conducive to improving the human survival rate after urban building accidents. This is the content of preventive medicine. The remote sensing technology of city map can monitor the building structure and ecological conditions of specific cities, which can be used to build a rapid response model for emergency medicine departments. Therefore, the economic construction can be enhanced to improve the survival rate of the people affected by the disaster, which is beneficial to urban construction. The research team analyzes and reports on the specific model development of computer technology, the computer intelligent simulation of the program setting for specific populations, and the rapid response of emergency medicine as the application object for the relevant workflow analysis, and enhance the perfection of preventive medicine system from the perspective of intelligent economic development.


Simulation Exercise; Building Accidents; Computer Technology

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