Research on Active Balance Control Strategy for Electric Vehicle Power Battery Pack

Wenqing Chen


The battery pack of a pure electric vehicle is composed of multiple battery cells connected in series and parallel, and in the process
of battery charging and discharging and long-term use, it will cause an imbalance between the battery cells or battery packs, which affects the
capacity utilization and service life of the battery. This paper analyzes the electric vehicle lithium-ion battery pack as a study of equalization
control, and analyzes the equalization variables used for the battery pack, the battery model, the external characteristics of the battery, and the
SOC estimation based on the extended Kalman filter algorithm. The SOC is used as the equalization variable, so that all the battery cells are
basically at the same charging and discharging depth, which makes full use of the power of the battery pack, and improves the safety performance of the battery pack when it is working, and an equalization control simulation model is constructed in Matlab/Simulink software, and
the equalization method and the system of this paper for the battery cluster are simulated and researched.


Pure Battery Vehicles; Equalization Control; Cuk Equalization Circuit; SOC

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