Teaching reform and practice of automobile maintenance major under the guidance of skills competition

Qing Lu


under the background of the reform of in-service education, how to play the leading role of vocational skills competition
and formulate professional talent training objectives closer to the industry and market demand has become an important issue for teachers
to promote professional construction and development. The major of automobile maintenance has the characteristics of practicality and
comprehensiveness, which requires students to master mature maintenance skills and meet the requirements of automobile maintenance
enterprises and positions for talents. By giving full play to the leading role of the skills competition, teachers can connect the job ability
needs of enterprises with professional teaching standards, integrate the content of skills competition and competition standards into the
theoretical and practical teaching links, provide students with better teaching conditions and case resources, publicize the concept of
excellent skills competition, and promote teaching and learning through competition. This paper briefl y describes the concept of vocational
skills competition, analyzes the leading role of skills competition in the teaching of automobile maintenance major, and discusses the specifi c
reform and practice strategies combined with the current situation of the major.


skill competition; Vehicle maintenance; Teaching reform

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18686/esta.v10i2.366


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