Control optimization model for greenhouse microclimate

Zifan Zhang, Zhengyang Geng, Haojie Xiong, Xinjie Huang, Xuanliang Chen


In this paper, greenhouse microclimate change is studied and discussed in the context of greenhouse. Based on the hydrodynamic
model and mathematical model, a climate-like control model with adjustable parameters is established. The greenhouse environment under
different conditions was simulated by adjusting the numerical parameters. In this paper, a glass greenhouse with a length of 10 meters, a
width of 3 meters and a height of 2 meters is simulated. Due to the need to consider greenhouse crops, this paper uses the finite difference
method to establish a mathematical model of “no crops” in the greenhouse, and the distribution of temperature and wind speed in the greenhouse can be observed through the cross-sectional data. Based on this, crops are added in this paper and the factors of crop canopy are taken
into account. Taking the crop canopy as a porous medium model, the temperature field and velocity field are updated based on Dracy’s law,
and the temperature and humidity distribution model is established by simulation. The relevant parameters were adjusted to make the whole
greenhouse reach a more suitable environment for the healthy growth of plants. Combined with the location, size and number of greenhouse
fans for discussion and analysis, the team adjusted the number of fans and the position of the two fans to make the temperature and wind
speed distribution in a relatively appropriate situation, meet the “U” shape, which has certain rationality and scientific. By analyzing the
greenhouse environment and how to use mathematical models to solve the related problems of fluid dynamics and heat conduction, and using
simulation to simulate, a series of theoretical and simulation results are analyzed, and the relevant optimization scheme is designed. Based on
this model, the model can be verified by experimental data and can be extended to more complex physical models.


Fluid Dynamics; Heat Transfer Model; Darcy’s Law of Penetration; Homogeneous Porous Medium; Simulation Test

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