Experimental analysis of rub impact fault of rotor system

Heng Guo, Yazhen Fang


rub impact is one of the typical faults of rotor system, which brings many adverse eff ects to production and life, and even
leads to major safety accidents, hinders the development and progress of society and economy, and also threatens the safety of people’s lives
and property. Therefore, it is important and urgent to study the rub impact of rotor system. This paper mainly uses the purchased three sets of
rotor system simulation test-bed to test the rub impact of rotor system, obtain the rub impact characteristic signal, analyze the time domain,
axis trajectory and frequency domain characteristics of rub impact, and draw some conclusions, so as to eff ectively prevent and timely detect
the rub impact of rotor system, and better protect the normal operation of rotor system.
Firstly, this paper introduces the relevant equipment required for the rub impact test of rotor system, including the double rotor
vibration characteristics test system, the intelligent vibration control test bench with single rotor and squirrel cage elastic support, and the
fl exible single rotor comprehensive vibration characteristics test bench; Then, aiming at the rub impact fault of rotor system, the rub impact
experimental research is carried out by using the rotor system simulation test-bed, observing the rub impact characteristic signals obtained
by the experimental equipment, analyzing the fault characteristics of normal, unidirectional and multidirectional rub impact in time domain,
axis trajectory and frequency domain, and evaluating its safety, so as to provide a certain theoretical basis and experimental reference for the
safety and protection of rotor system.


rotor system; Rubbing; Fault; Experimental analysis

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