Researches about Security User Anthentication System of Internet of Things: Comparison Recent Schemes

Jiwei Leng


Internet of Things(IoT) is a new kind of high technology which has significant meaning in many ares such as industry and military. The popularity of the technology bring a lot of convenience for people. However, network attacks are huge threats of IoT. Since the features of IoT, traditional cyber security schemes are not suitable for modern IoT applying occasions. Throughout this article, the author review IoT basic knowledge and IoT security protocols in recently years. Particularly, choosing two papers which focus on user authentication of sensors to compare and analyse their core indexes. This paper provide useful information for IoT security beginner and point out future changes.


Internet of Things(IoT); Radio Frequency Identification(RFID); Intelligent Device; Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs); Security; Gateway (GWN); Sensor; Encryption; Authentication; Server; Encryption; Decryption; Authentication; Server; Node; Hash Algorithm

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