Gas sensors for oxides synthesis by hydrothermal and microwave hydrothermal methods

Yubo Zhao, Yu Li, Zhifang Deng


so far, gas sensors are playing an increasingly important role in environmental detection, agricultural production, medical
treatment and other fields. Semiconductor oxide gas sensors are often used to detect toxic gases because of their low cost, simple
manufacture, fast response, good selectivity and high sensitivity. There are many methods to prepare semiconductor oxides, such as
hydrothermal synthesis, microwave hydrothermal synthesis and sol-gel synthesis. The advantages of hydrothermal synthesis and microwave
hydrothermal synthesis are high economic efficiency and simple operation. The synthesized oxides have many different morphologies,
such as zero dimensional, one-dimensional, two-dimensional, three-dimensional and so on. These diff erent morphologies are conducive to
gas diff usion and enhance gas sensing performance. Especially the hierarchical structure can greatly improve the gas sensing performance
due to its large specifi c surface area, large porosity and high carrier concentration. This paper describes the SMO gas sensor prepared by
hydrothermal method and microwave hydrothermal method.


gas sensor; Hydrothermal method; Microwave hydrothermal method

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