Design of automotive detector based on real-time waveform display of single-chip microcomputer LCD

Jiahuan Zhao, Miaozhong Sun, Yuanli Xu


Automobile testing provides an important basis for automobile performance parameter evaluation and fault diagnosis, and
portable automobile detector is the main topic of current research and development. Based on the 2.4-inch TFT LCD display connected to
the ILI9325 drive interface of MC9S12XET256, this paper uses C language to program the eight-channel real-time data waveform display
car detector on the CodeWarrior platform. The problem that poor continuity exists in displaying real-time wave is able to be solved by a
curve interpolation method. Relevant display functions for LCD dynamic waves are performed by programming. The software interface for
the automobile tester is designed. Finally, the reliability of the tester is certifi ed by the compared results by using the tester and INV 3062
type data acquisition instrument to test relevant sensors of the Passat automobile electrical training platform at the same time.


Freescale MCU;Data acquisition;ILI9325 drive interface; LCD display;Car detector

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