Quantitative Research on Hotspots and Frontiers of Mass Customization Research

Xia Liao, Shuhui Gong


Mass customization (MC) has become an important means for enterprises to gain competitiveness, but there is a lack of systematic analysis of recent research on MC. The study conducts quantitative research on 1018 valid documents in the Web of Science database in the past ten years using bibliometric analysis and the CiteSpace software to understand MC's research hotspots and frontiers. Firstly, the data results show that keywords such as mass customization and design appear the most frequently, representing the high attention paid to them by academia. Secondly, keywords such as big data and information technology have the highest centrality value, indicating their relatively important position in MC. Finally, keywords such as industry 4.0, smart manufacturing and 3d printing are the keywords of recent MC research. This study will provide some reference for researchers to comprehensively understand the hotspots and frontiers of MC research.


Mass Customization; Bibliometric Analysis; Quantitative Research

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18686/esta.v9i4.286


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