Research on optimizing the ideological and political teaching design of accounting courses in vocational schools from the perspective of “three complete education”

Yuejuan Qian


as the name suggests, the “three roundness education” is the education of all staff , the whole process and all roundness. From
the perspective of “three complete education”, the construction of the ideological and political system for the implementation of technical
education in vocational schools not only requires teachers to adhere to the effi cient unity of explicit education and implicit education, and
continue to tap the ideological and political education elements rich in subject knowledge, but also requires schools to pay attention to the
refl ection and guidance of the concept of “three complete education”, and integrate the existing educational resources of schools, To meet
the needs of education reform and development in a down-to-earth manner, we should build a curriculum ideological and political model in
a real state, so as to cultivate high-quality and highly skilled talents for the country.


Sanquan education; Accounting major; Curriculum ideological and Political Education

Included Database


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