AIGC Enables Digital Transformation of Fashion Exhibitions

Fangchao Yang


2023 is known as the “Year of AIGC” (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content), and the concepts of artificial intelligence and AI
big models are rapidly igniting the market. As a digital technology, AIGC brings profound changes and innovative power to social services,
design innovation, humanities development, media renewal, and business models. “Digital transformation” has gradually become an essential
issue of the times. At the same time, AIGC is also changing the digital transformation process of fashion exhibitions. Therefore, this paper
hopes to explore the application and empowerment of AIGC technology in the digital transformation of fashion exhibitions, to provide new
research perspectives and methods for related disciplines from the perspective of design, to enhance the quality and efficiency of fashion exhibitions in digital transformation, and at the same time, try to think about the solutions and the path of future development.


AIGC; Fashion Exhibition Digitization; Exhibition Design

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