Electromagnetic Reinforced Carbon Fiber Composite Case and Its Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Performance

Fuqiang Wang, Yongliang Bian, Shaobo Zhang, Wenqing Guo


We adopt the technology of electromagnetic strengthening carbon fiber composite material to improve its electromagnetic protection ability, and use it to prepare the sample of carbon fiber composite cabinet, through the test, it has good electromagnetic pulse protection performance. Based on the carbon fiber composite structure design and electric connection design of the interlamination and gap electromagnetic enforcement. The HEMP protection performance was tested under the GB/T18039.10-2018 standard and the results showed that the HEMP shielding efficiency were above 65 dB. The carbon fiber composite cabinet had the lightweight ,high strength,HEMP shielding and anti-severe environment characteristics. The carbon fiber composite cabinet has a project value and application prospect.


Composite Materials; HEMP; Carbon Fiber Composite Cabinet

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/esta.v8i4.200


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