Analysis of the Development of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Biomedical Applications

Xingchen Wang


With the concept of artificial intelligence, its long evolution and development, and gradually and super computing technology, big data analysis technology, network technology, sensing technology, brain science and other new technologies, new theories combined application, which effectively promote the development of social development of economic and industrial development. Currently, artificial intelligence has been widely used in a number of industries, especially in the current biomedical field, in a series of exploration, research, practice has been achieved under the cross-border integration, human-machine collaboration, autonomous manipulation, deep learning and other modes, biomedical industry and people's physical and mental health have a direct relationship. In the current situation of improving living standards, people are more and more concerned about their physical and mental health, living environment, life expectancy, etc., which requires the application of artificial intelligence science in the field of biomedicine and the analysis of the specific application development.


Artificial Intelligence; Biomedical Field; Application Development

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