Research on online public opinion response and Strategy of University Emergencies under new media environment

Feifei Zhang


New media environment not only brings convenience to people’s life, but also brings great infl uence.In the network public
opinion events, university emergencies account for a large proportion. University emergencies not only have a direct impact on university
teachers and students, but also bring a lot of adverse eff ects on the regular teaching activities of universities and colleges, and also bring
severe challenges to the emergency management of network crisis events in universities and colleges. In line with the development trend
of new media, the study of online public opinion responses and strategies of university emergencies plays a vital role in improving the
management ability and level of the university, ensuring the stable conduct of various education and management of the university, and
maintaining the stability of the university and the society.This paper mainly studies the characteristics and coping strategies of online public
opinions in college emergencies under the new media environment, including the basic situation of existing online public opinions in college
emergencies, the characteristics of online public opinions in college emergencies under the new media environment, the actual problems
existing in online public opinions in college emergencies and the specifi c coping strategies.


New media environment University emergency Online public opinion research

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