Reform and practice of teaching mode of Finance and economics majorin Higher Vocational Colleges under the background of big data

Qiong Liu


under the background of the rapid development of social economy, various advanced technologies and equipment have
emerged, and have achieved remarkable app lication results in the teaching of higher vocational courses. Based on this, finance and
economics teachers in higher vocational colleges can try to introduce big data technology to improve the curriculum, enrich teaching
resources, innovate teaching mode, and provide high-quality teaching services for students. In order to achieve this teaching goal, fi nance
and economics teachers need to actively explore the opportunities and paths of introducing big data into the teaching classroom, so
that they can use this advanced technology to design teaching links and carry out teaching activities, so as to help students consolidate
basic knowledge and practice skills, improve their information literacy and professional quality, and make them the talents needed for
the development of socialist construction in the new era. How to improve the teaching mode of Finance and economics major from the
perspective of big data has gradually become one of the important topics forteachers. This paper will carry out in-depthexplorationaround


big data; Major in fi nance and economics; Higher vocational colleges; Teaching mode; Reform practice

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