Discussion on Teaching Reform of Advanced Computer Network Course

Hanjie Zhang


“Advanced Computer Network” is a professional selection course to improve network skills. The purpose of this course
is to enable students to understand the frontier problems, methods, development and trends in their analysis and research fi elds. The rapid
development of Internet technology has brought many problems to the teaching of “Advanced Computer Network Course”. How to establish
a complete set of advanced computer network course theory and practice teaching framework for graduate students, how to design content
for teaching courses, including advanced network technology topics, basic web page design principles, network practice teaching methods
and paper reading seminar writing, and how to build an evaluation mechanism for the management of the entire teaching process, so as to
achieve equal emphasis on basic theory and cutting-edge research, theoretical teaching and practical training, to enable graduate students
to truly understand and master theoretical knowledge, improve their practical ability, and lay a solid foundation for scientifi c research and
subsequent innovation.


Computer network; Reform in education; Practical training; Innovation

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