Exploration of Famille-rose porcelain painting art form

Yuqian Cheng, Xiaojun Wang


Modern People's understanding of beauty, the exploration and innovation of materials, for our innovation provides infi nite
possibilities.Through the understanding of the high-temperature glaze, as well as the exploratory understanding, the rich and variable color
glaze characteristics of the kiln change and Famille-rose painting characteristics of the combination, this is based on the understanding of
new materials and the improvement of fi ring technology, for the powder porcelain provides a material basis for innovation.Therefore, the
combination of high-temperature color glaze and pastel porcelain is an innovative model, which provides a new era contribution to the
historical development of pastel. With the further development of ceramic artists, new techniques and techniques of pastel-colored porcelain
painting will constantly emerge, and then make the traditional pastel art bloom a new luster.


famille-rose, porcelain painting art, expression

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18686/esta.v10i2.409


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