The construction of University Teachers’ team under the background of the new liberal arts construction: problem identifi cation and path selection

Yanhua Wang


with the continuous development of society, the market has put forward new high standard requirements for talents in various
industries, as well as new requirements for talent training in Colleges and universities. The proposal of the concept of new liberal arts construction
emphasizes the importance of discipline reform and points out the direction of the reform and development of humanities. As an important subject
in the implementation of teaching reform, in order to actively respond to the call for the construction of the new liberal arts, colleges and universities
should correctly identify the problems existing in the construction of their teaching staff , actively explore eff ective improvement paths, and promote
teachers not only to have a solid theoretical foundation, but also to have the corresponding practical teaching ability, so as to eff ectively promote
professional development and provide a strong guarantee for talent cultivation. Based on this, this paper analyzes the problems and optimization
strategies of University Teachers’ team construction under the background of new liberal arts construction, for reference.


new liberal arts construction; Colleges and universities; Teaching staff ; Problem identifi cation; path choice

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