Research and Application of Parallel Mismatch Detection and Reconfiguration Method for Photovoltaic (PV) Arrays

Shuai Sun, Ping Yun, Xuebing Chen, Peng Chen


To solve the problem of generation loss caused by photovoltaic (PV) array parallel mismatch, this paper proposes a reconstruction method using short-time I-V curve scan detection and based on the root mean square of the difference of  (maximum power point voltage). First, the short-time I-V curve scan is applied to obtain the  distribution characteristics of each PV array, and then the optimal reconstruction results are output using the root mean square of the  difference between each PV array. Subsequently, the basic principles of the above methods are introduced, and a PV power station test platform with a capacity of 125KW is built. The test results on the platform show that the proposed methods can significantly reduce the power loss caused by mismatch, which validates the effectiveness of the methods described in this paper.


PV Display; Parallel Mismatch; IV Scan; Root Mean Square of Difference; Power Loss

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