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Digital Filtering Technology in Industrial Measuring and Control System

Aiyong Chen


This article aims at the technical problems in modernized industrial measuring and control system such as interruption signal, noise signal and other useless signal. First introduces the features and importance of digital filtering technology and then elaborates on the realization methods of digital filtering and frequently used digital filtering calculation methods in the industrial measuring system. The research reveals that integrated usage of numerous methods or even complex digital filtering technology is adopted to calculate and treat such digital signals like random interruption, heat noise, system noise, measuring error and zero-point offset and thus meet the system requirements. The digital filtering technology is widely applied in the processing of HD signal, such as digital audio, radar, image processing, data transmission and biological and medical fields and pledges to provide strong assurance for the real-time, stable and reliable properties of modernized industrial measuring and control system.



Measuring system; Digital filtering; Signal processing

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