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Semiconductor Magnetoresistive Current Sensor for Weak Current Detection

Qi Zhou


Made up by the combination of InSb-In eutectic magnetoresistive (MR) components, the newly designed semiconductor film magnetoresistive current sensor (MRCS) was to detect weak current with its circuit controlled by signals. This kind of current sensor simultaneously alters the resistance value of two InSb-In magnetoresistive components. Through this way, it could eliminate the coupling capacitance of ultra-large capacity and reduce the volume capacity as well as improve the frequency characteristics. Set a specified parameter through accurate calculation, and make current generate signals which form direct proportion against the magnetic field generated by the weak current of magnetoresistive alteration, reaching the goals of detecting weak current. The test analyzed this current sensor’s operating characteristics with the testing pass bands as 7-1800 Hz. It was found that the weak current reached at 10 mA and could control the effect of temperature drift effectively.


Magnetoresistive effect; Current sensor; Operating characteristics

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