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Determination of heavy metals in soil by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) with internal standard method

Jingchun Mao, Xinyue Liu, Bao Chen, Famei Luo, Xudong Wu, Donghua Jiang, Zhenggang Luo


Soil ,the carrier of agricultural production and important part of the ecological environment, is heavily contaminated with hazards heavy metals. Therefore, it is oblige to research analytical techniques that could efficiently determine the total content of heavy metals in soil. The determination of heavy metals in soil was disturbed by matrix elements or spectral interferences . In this study , this problem was solved by internal standard method . GBW07402、GBW07448、GBW07423、GBW07428、GBW074079 soil sample were chosen to be the Certified Reference Materials, soils was prepared by microwave digestion with mixed acid following analyzed for determination the content(Cr,Cu, Pb,Ba,Ni,Mn ) by Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometric in 50ug/L internal standard concentration, the method was validated by compared with certified values 、method contrast(standard addition method versus internal standard method scan the same prepared solution ) and recovery check. The results of internal standard method are in excellent agreement with the indicative values and the date obtained from standard addition method, respectively. Recoveries were adequate being in the acceptable range of 90-99% and RSD of <6.7 % for all the elements at three level of 5,20 and 50mg/kg with quantified by standard addition method and internal standard method .Finally, The graphy of quality control(n=100)were obtained to guide internal quality control in laboratory


Soil; Heavy metal ; inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry; internal standard method

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