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Network Key Equipment Design Adapted to Underground Pipe Rack and Urban Energy Metering

Haodong Zhang, Zhiqiang He, Xiaohong Rao


Traditional energy automatic metering management scheme has solved the two level problem of monitoring and application, but there is shortcoming at the transport level. Along with the advancement of industrialization and informationization, a variety of sensing devices, interconnection and unified transport demand is becoming more and more urgent. Based on FPGA platform and multichannel parallel MBUS communication mode, fusion NB - IoT technology, this paper puts forward a suitable for underground pipe rack and the network of urban energy metering design method of key equipment, it is a good way to adapt to a variety of field and meet the requirements of multiple class sensor interconnectivity unified transmission, has the very good application value.


Parallel communication; FPGA; MBUS; Underground pipe gallery; Energy metering; Gateway; NB - IoT

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