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Research on Control Technology of Concentrated Coal Mine Rail Transport Intelligence

Guodong Song, Xiaohui Yang, Jianfeng Gao, Wenzhen Wu


Based on a matrix of interlocking control strategy, industrial plc control technology, field bus communication technology of mine shaft orbit transportation intelligent centralized control technology and implementation method are introduced in this paper. Line operation using the multi section partition method to draw intuitive control strategy, simplifying the interlock logic, to realize the intelligent management and dispatching of the railway train, improve transport efficiency; application of plc and fieldbus technology improves the stability and reliability of the system operation, convenient underground site operation personnel and ground remote scheduling scheduling staff to keep abreast of the train running state, issued instruction scheduling, to ensure the smooth of mine transportation operation. Promote the automation and intelligent development of coal transportation, to improve the level of information technology in coal mine production scheduling, decision-making is of great significance.


Route interlocking;Plc;Field bus;Mine transportation

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