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Smart Mobile Phone Groups - Based Design and Implementation of Vehicle Accident Self-rescue System

Long Zhao, Jianwei You, Nianmin Yao


Considering the deficiency that the existing automobile accident self-rescue system requires to assemble the specific sensor, GPS and communication module, the author designed a vehicle collision or  crash detection and accident self-rescue system based on the smart mobile phone groups. Taking the acceleration signals of physical moments from the smart mobile phones in the accidents car as the input samples and the assembly of acceleration data as the calculating thresholds, the system can not only improve the accuracy rating of the judgments about the accidents, but can also reduce the unusable distress signals due to the damages to individual vehicle-borne device or mobile phone in severe accidents. When the signals exceed the threshold value, the system can draw support from the functions of video, GPS positioning and 3G networking in the mobile phones automatically to call for help from the rescue center. Meanwhile, a prototype system has been implemented on Android platform. The results of the experiments indicate that the system possesses the advantages of high accuracy of collision or crash recognition, low energy consumption and low cost.


Crash ; Smart phone; Smart phone groups; Three-axis Acceleration Sensor

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