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Comparison and Analysis of Electronic Voltage Transformer Based on Voltage Detection

Yanxia Wang, Xingcang Zhai


The electronic voltage Transformer (EVT) constitutes key equipment in the intelligent substation; during the half-a-century development, numerous categories have emerged. By analysis and comparison of the working mechanisms and features of various electronic voltage transformers, we have concluded the strengths and defects in various mechanisms and impact factors on the features of voltage transformer and raised specific measures to reduce the impact and problems found in the design. The findings have revealed that ECVT is the mainstream product in the electronic voltage transformer market but interim measuring accuracy requires for improvement; ERVT is limited by the resistance power and insulating property, and not applicable to the higher voltage level; OVT assures excellent measuring quality in the sensing mechanism. However, the application progress will be slowed down due to several factors: the complex production process, measuring precision easily affected by light power fluctuation and temperature change and transmission by optical fibers with a little effect in simplifying insulation and trimming cost.


Voltage transformer; ECVT; ERVT; Voltage detection; OVT

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