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Analysis on Semiconductor Thermoelectric Cooler Temperature Control System Based on MCU

Juan Zhua, Jianping Huang


With the progress of science and technology, material application science has developed rapidly. As a kind of new material, the semiconductor refrigeration material has been well applied. Based on that, this essay studies semiconductor thermoelectric cooler temperature control system based on MCU and its application. The research indicates that by controlling power supply’s unit circuit with power dissipation, the system controls the working condition (refrigeration / heating switch, adjustable power) of semiconductor thermoelectric cooler to achieve the goal of measuring and controlling the temperature of some equipment, guaranteeing their proper functioning. The system is easy to operate, and it works safely and reliably, which could meet the overall performance requirements, and is of great application prospect and promotion value.


MCU; Semiconductor; Thermoelectric cooler; Temperature control

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